The ENH Engineering bitumen emulsion plants are designed to meet the high demands for modern emulsion technology.

We use an in-line system which offers the possibility to produce all types of bitumen emulsions such as tack-coat, surface dressing, and polymer modified slurry. A great advantage of the in-line system is that there is no need to premix any chemicals or water solutions; all is added continuously during production. The ingredients are injected individually into the milling system and can be controlled separately without influencing each other. This provides high flexibility in the production phase.

Our bitumen emulsion plants are build as either mobile or stationary plants:

The mobile plants which are built in a container unit are highly compact and easily transportable, which makes them suitable for remote operations. The plants have a production capacity varying from 10 to 20 tons/hour.

The stationary plants are constructed on a steel frame and are suitable for manufactures with the demand for high production capacity. The plants have a production capacity varying from 10 to 50 tons/hour.

All plants are equipped with a unique control system which guaranties easy operation and constant and homogeneous production. This together with the rest of the plants quality components results in bitumen emulsions of high quality in each and every production.

ENH Mill with adjustable mill gap Stainless Steel Rotor and Stator
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Bitumen Emulsion Plants of the Batch Type
The Bitumen Emulsion Plant of the Batch type is a very easy and cost efficient way of producing emulsion. The batch plant is suited for the costumer who wants to produce smaller amounts at the time and who does not have a great need to change recipes frequently. The batch plant can be configured according with the costumers needs. Solvent, latex and emulsion cooling systems are optional configurations. 
Photos of Bitumen Emulsion Inline Plants for Kazan, Russia